Stress, it's something that all of us experience, regardless of job, geographic location or family situation. Stress is natural and it is our body's response to an environmental stimuli (stressors).
Stress is healthy, as it can motivate us and move us forward in life. However, too much stress and an inability to manage it, can have a dramatic impact on an individuals health.
There are herbs that can enhance one's capability to deal with stress, these are classified as Adaptogens. These are plants with medicinal components that can help normalize the body's functions during periods of mental and physical stress and to re-balance and rejuvenate an individual.
One herb that satisfies all the requirements of a true adaptogen is Ashwagandha.

Health First's Ashwagandha is a superior extract called KSM-66. It is superior for several reasons, for one it is a root only extract. Only the root extract is used in Ayurvedic medicine, not the leaves. 
KSM-66 also has the highest concentration active withanolides at 5% of any root-only Ashwagandha extract. KSM-66 is a full spectrum extract that contains the complete profile of nutrients found naturally in Ashwagandha.
If you are wanting to support your body during periods of stress, like the upcoming holidays. Ashwagandha is a great option to incorporate into your daily routine along with stress management tools. Just two capsules a day is all you need!

Health First Ashwagandha Supreme 120 Capsules is on sale for $34.99, during the month of November. 

Sale ends November 30th, 2019.